Mobile: 0437234773 (Kay)
Mobile: 0490497777 (Mike)


RICKETY ROCK are available to play all the usual venues and have been known to play special occasion engagements such as weddings, birthdays, cruises, barmitzvahs, etc., (well, maybe no barmitzvahs so far) for which they amazingly don't charge any more than the usual fees. Usual fees? Give us a call, you may well be surprised at how reasonable our charges are. Currently we're not famous but it's only a matter of time; hire us while you can still afford us.


We live in Lennox Head and frankly can't be arsed travelling for hours to play. So, although we play for peanuts in and around the Northern Rivers you wouldn't want to get our bill for a gig in Townsville.
We'll play pretty much any time or day you fancy; just to avoid disappointment try to give us a bit of notice because we are often booked on cruises (pandemics permitting), away or otherwise engaged. However if we make a date to play for you we will make sure we are there.
One thing we do insist on is a roof over our heads. It's not that we object to the possibility of absorbing moisture but our equipment simply refuses to function when wet. No open paddocks, fields or beach gigs thank you.