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Mobile: 0490497777 (Mike)


CAUGHT in the COVERS are available to play all the usual venues like pubs, clubs, arenas, stadiums, the back of trucks, etc and would be delighted to help you celebrate special occasions such as birthdays, weddings, early parole celebrations and pretty much anything that occurs near a power point. Fees? I'm glad you asked. Let's face it, we're all independantly wealthy millionaires living on the proceeds of our music careers so we don't need to charge a fortune for what is essentially coming out and having a good time. We do have to charge a fee though or the other guys who do this for a living will get the shits with us. Long story short - we're cheap, but that's no reflection on the quality. Give us a call and get a nice surprise.


We live in Lennox Head and frankly can't be arsed travelling for hours to play. So, although we play for peanuts in and around the Northern Rivers you wouldn't want to get our bill for a gig in Townsville.
We'll play pretty much any hour of the day or night, any day of the week - if we're available. Book ahead, we have a tendency to be found on cruises (mass infections permitting), playing away or just simply away on hols a lot of the time, but if you fix a date with us we will make sure we are there.
One thing we do require is that there is something above us between our equipment and the sky. Open fields, beaches and back paddocks are not on our list of desired venues.