We try to play songs that the audience want to hear at a volume that suits the occasion.

This isn't as easy as it sounds because although our set up allows us to play at any volume from "Are they actually playing?" to "Ouch, my ears are bleeding." the choice of music is a little harder to organise. We can cover most genres from the odd Ballad or laid back material, through country, soft rock, and hard rock and on to a bit of punk. And with a repertoire of almost a hundred songs we can afford to save "Achey, Breaky Heart" for country music weekend and not bring it out at a bikey club reunion. So, although we concentrate mainly on rock and roll pub favorites the right style of music is no problem. Don't expect a lot of up to date numbers though. We love the old classics and if you look at the list of songs we play you will see it is centred around 60's through to 90's with a bit of overspill either side of those years.

Mike (Guitar & Vocals): Has a killer backhand, nice flat forehand but serves way too many double faults.
Played in the recording band Twister in Sydney in the late 70's supporting bands like Cold Chisel, The Angels, Dragon, Little River Band, etc., then a string of other bands in Sydney, the Gold Coast and Country NSW. Doesn't play over-loud, self-indulgent lead breaks in the middle of every song, nobody needs to hear that, he's a good singer (he's won prizes for it) and loves playing live music.

Kay (Drums and vocals): Average strokes both side and will wear you down with defence rather than put the ball away but she moves like a gazelle so don't try to drop shot her.
Took up drums 20 years ago to form a band for a harbour cruise maintaining "it can't be that hard." Has played in bands with Mike ever since and claims she was right. "It's not that hard, it's just hitting things." Sings a lot of backup and quite a few lead, plays the kazoo in place of bagpipe and saxophone solos given half a chance. Loves playing live music.

Peter (Bass and vocals): Plays with a lot of top spin and very hard to get the ball past.
With a main background of busking from Darwin to all areas South any gig under a roof is now considered a luxury. Switching to Bass gave him two less strings to worry about so overall it's no surprise to find him very relaxed on stage. As the repository of any music theory that may exist in the band he is able to provide the harmonies that take many of the group's songs to the next level. When stepping up for lead vocal duties you might see a far away look in his eyes as he relives those long lost days in the streets of Darwin.