Playing everybody's favourite pub songs from the 60's onward; Mike on guitar and Kay on drums bring a combined 50 years live music experience to the stage. Sharing the vocals they cover artists from the Righteous Brothers to AC/DC visiting Shania, Crowded House, The Big "O" and a host of others somewhere along the way.
A mix of laid back numbers, country, hard rock and even a touch of punk enables them to tailor their set to most venues. Electronic drums and guitar all mixed with vocals through the PA guarantees a volume to suit any ear.

Mike Davis (Guitar): Played in the recording band Twister in Sydney in the late 70's supporting bands like Cold Chisel, The Angels, Dragon, Little River Band, etc., then a string of other bands in Sydney, the Gold Coast and Country NSW. Plays guitar but steadfastly refuses to play over-loud, self-indulgent lead breaks in the middle of every song. Good singer (he's won prizes for it), loves playing live music.

Kay Nunn (Drums): Took up drums 20 years ago to form a band for a harbour cruise maintaining "it can't be that hard." Has played in bands with Mike ever since and claims she was right. "It's not that hard, it's just hitting things." Sings a lot of backup and quite a few lead, plays the kazoo in place of bagpipe and saxophone solos given half a chance. Loves playing live music.